Rafting in Almont, Colorado

Earlier this month, we loaded up for a few days and drove to Gunnison, Colorado for a few days to visit grandparents! We love going to the mountains, especially during the hottest part of summer. There is nothing like wearing hoodies while we are there after sweating for three months at home. I always come back ready to decorate for fall and in the mood for Pumpkin Spice Everything. In fact, I’ve already put up fall decorations and I had Pumpkin Spice creamer in my coffee this morning. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, we did so many fun things while we were in the area. And I thought it was going to be one blog post, but there is just too much. Unless you want to read a novel, so I’ll going to break it up piece by piece.

We arrived in Gunnison on Friday afternoon, and after being in the car all day, there was nothing better than sitting down and relaxing for the rest of the day. Especially since we knew we had an adventure waiting for us in the morning.

The next morning we got up with the older kids and headed to Three Rivers Resort in Almont for some river rafting!

Under the instruction of my mother-in-law we made sure to wear clothes that would dry easily. We were super lucky to have someone who knew what to wear, because I was clueless. We all wore t-shirts and easy drying shorts. They don’t recommend denim or cotton. My husband wore swim trunks, the girls wore running shorts and I wore spandex bike shorts. We took water shoes with us. The girls and I wore ours, but my husband used the resorts neoprene water shoes. I would recommend using theirs! My shoes would fill with water, drain out and refill with water. My toes were numb long after we were done, but my husbands filled with water and stayed that was until he took them off. The water warmed up and his feet were not frozen when we were done.

We used their water gear. Which was a pull over and a pair of pants. Some people turned down the gear. Those people are crazy and way more adventurous than I am. That water was cold and I can’t imagine doing it without the gear on!

Aren’t we adorable? I was so excited to get a photo of me and my girls in matching outfits.

They give you a safety speech once you have your gear on. It scared the hell out of me. I thought I was going to die. (Luckily none of us did.. spoiler alert.) After the speech, they have you do a dry run to teach you how to row, and then you are off!

Safety Brief
Dry run

The course (is that what you would call it?) was so, so fun! There were a few places with category three rapids and I will admit at times I was freaking out, but it was a lot of fun for sure. Our guide, Steve, was great and made the five mile trip down the Taylor River so fun. I would very highly recommend rafting at 3 Rivers Resort.

There is a photographer that follows you down the river and takes photos from the bank. (Can you say dream job?) You have the option to buy your photos when you get back to the resort. Plan to buy them. Ours were so good and I will cherish them forever.

Here are a few tips: Bring a hoodie, warm shoes and socks, and maybe a towel into the van so you have them after you get off the river. You’ll be glad to be able to warm up during the ride back to the resort.

Also, have a bottle of water waiting in the van too. I was dying of thirst.

They have a full gift shop and a restaurant at the resort. We ate at the house, but just make sure you eat something first! Rowing is a lot of work and you’ll work up an appetite for sure.

Enjoy and have fun! They have a few different trips available, some are more laid back and more like a float trip, some are more intense, and of course that all depends on the time of year and depth of the river. I am so glad we went and had this experience!

Have you ever been river rafting? Would you go again?


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