New Year, less crap. Decluttering tips to save your sanity.

I had big intentions of doing a “Make it Monday” post featuring a craft project. But honestly I have been so absorbed in decluttering my house, the last thing on my mind has been crafting! Something about the New Year just makes me want to start out with a blank slate and that absolutely includes all the crap taking up space in my house. So, this week I have been sorting and cleaning and decluttering like a crazy lady. I thought I’d share a few things that help me with my process!

First, I work on one room at a time. I like to empty out cabinets and drawers, wipe them down and refill them piece by piece. I find that if I have to physically touch my stuff, then I know what I have and I’m less likely to hang on to random crap. This is a huge thing I do in the kitchen, and then I say things like “Why do we have 156544 medicine droppers in this utensil drawer?”, so then I know to throw a bunch away. When I put things away, they are on clean surfaces and I know what I have enough of.

Secondly, I sort the crap I need to get rid of as I go. So, set up three boxes (or two boxes and a trash can) Sell, Donate and Trash. Assign it a spot as soon as you decide to get rid of it so you aren’t changing your mind later.

Try not to overwhelm yourself, it likely took more than a day to wind up with all this stuff so it’ll take a little longer than a day to go through it all.

When you go through clothes think… do I even wear this? I have shirts and jeans that I hate to wear, but for some reason I kept them in my closet? Going through and getting rid of the outcasts was nice. Honestly, if you haven’t worn it (and loved it) in the last year it should probably go! Same with shoes, jewelry and purses.

Hobbies are a money and space sucker for me. I want to try everything and buy half of Hobby Lobby. I have had to really go through and look at what I have. Am I ever going to use this? Are they pieces for crafts I decided I didn’t like (metal stamping?!) Get them out of here. I’ve forced myself to get things out and use them or get them out. This allows more room for stuff I actually like.

Books and Movies are another big one for me. Honestly, I’m one of those people that don’t tend to read books more than once (I have a lot on my to read list, so I don’t have time for that) and movies are the same. Not only have I had to force myself to get rid of things I don’t use, but also I have had to have a stern talk with myself about not buying more! We have an incredible library so I’m not sure why that is even as issue for me half the time.

Then, there is the kids crap. Which you might as well light on fire in this house. I just try to get rid of broken toys and outgrown clothes, but also I try to do it every few months so it’s not overwhelming. Send the kid away to Grandma’s and lock yourself in their room with a trash bag until it’s done.

Have you been decluttering?


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