Great Salt Plains- Jet, Oklahoma

Hi Friends! It’s been a while since I posted. Oh goodness quarantine has been so weird. And of course we had to cancel our vacation to Florida, so we decided to take a quick road trip to the Salt Plains in Jet, Oklahoma. I had been dying to go for a couple years, so it was a good excuse to go.

It’s about a 3 hour trip from our house, so its a decent sized road trip. Definitely make sure to stop at the gas station to use restrooms in Jet before heading out to the Crystal Digging Area. There is nothing out there but wide open plains and a port a potty that may not even be open, if you happen to go during a pandemic.

The salt plains themselves are gorgeous. It would be an amazing place to take some photos! My girls weren’t interested though.

Make sure to take LOTS of water. Not only to drink but also to clean up after digging in the clay/salt. I would have taken a bigger water container with us if I was to do it over again, instead of just water bottles.

Bring a shovel, or more than one, my husband was super excited that we were doing manual labor instead of lounging on the beach in Pensacola.

Basically, you dig deep down into the clay until you hit water, about 2 feet. Once you hit water, let the hole fill up and then use the water to slosh up against the sides of the hole. The clay will wash away and the crystals can be found. We found one small crystal between all of us, and I think the biggest issue is that we didn’t go far enough into the plains.

What we did get is really, really dirty though. Turns out the clay is practically sunscreen so I ended up with a spotted sunburn. Make sure you sunscreen up and when you get done, do another layer. That salt is HOT.

All in all, it was fun but if we were to go back I would go deeper into the plains to find more crystals and I would go in the fall or early Spring when it isn’t 56415615 degrees outside.

After the plains we went to the lake area. It was $10 for parking. We parked the car and paid online and then carried our food down to a picnic table. After eating our lunch we took turns changing in the car (No restrooms, remember) and then we went down to the lake.

That was the most disgusting lake I’ve ever been in. The bottom was complete mud. You could walk out into the middle of the lake and still only be knee deep in the water, but by then your legs are covered up to your calves in mud. Maybe it would have been fun to have a floatie, but otherwise. We weren’t impressed. Except my toddler, who had a great time building a sand castle. She still talks about the beach we went to and the sand castle she built.

Overall, the lake was not worth the trip to me and the crystal digging would have been better when it’s not as hot. Maybe in April when the season opens, or October right before it closes down. We won’t make another trip down there, but if we were in the area we would definitely stop and try again. And I would really like to take my girls to get some cool sepia/vintage photos.

What local trips have you made this quarantine summer?

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