Home Makeover: Quarantine Edition- Master Bedroom

What a long, weird summer we had this year. After I finally got sick of baking 545154536 loafs of banana bread and finish every non-important task on my to do list, I decided to take on a new task. Basically, I think I was just trying to control anything I could while the rest of the world was feeling out of control. So, why not completely redecorate my house? We went from a white farmhouse to a dark western boho theme. And I am in love with the outcome.

So, I think now is a good time to start showing off my progress! Our house isn’t totally done, but really is a house ever totally done anyway?

Today we are going to start with my bedroom!

Here’s the before:

While I did really love this bedroom, I also had done our house in a neutral farmhouse style so that it could easily be listed and resold if needed. (I have commitment issues with houses… I usually want to move every three years and we have been here for 5.) It was time to make it a home for us instead of for other people.

I started out by painting the accent wall Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. Sidenote: I learned over the course of this remodel that I will only buy paint from Sherwin Williams. Previously, our entire house was Dover White by Sherwin Williams, but I bought i

t all through Lowes. What happened was, no matter if I gave them the same card or the same paint formula every single time, the color never matched from one can to another. I know it’s normal for a small variation but I have had none of those issues with Sherwin Williams. Also, it’s worth it to pay a little more for good quality paint. You can do 4 coats of the cheap stuff or 2 coats of the good stuff. Spend the money and buy quality paint. Sherwin Williams always has sales, watch for their coupons.

Anyway, like I said, the accent wall is Tricorn Black, and the other walls are Accessible Beige. The person at Sherwin Williams helped me pick it out based on wanting to match with Tricorn and he did an excellent job. It fits the vibe of this room so well.

The duvet cover is from Target. This is the most comfortable bedding I’ve probably ever had. I also picked up the faux fur throw pillows at Target, as well as the lamps! The lamps are no longer showing online, but here is the same lamp in pink. I picked up the throw blanket at a local flea market.

Now, the cow print. That’s a whole freaking saga. Initally, I saw that our local-ish Target had a cow print in stock that I liked, so I jumped in the car and went to get it. Only to find out that it sold the night before through pickup. They were out of stock. I didn’t have time to look at other stores, so back home I went with my tail between my legs, but also with my bedding, lamps, and throw pillows (oops).

I ended up calling a bunch of Targets, out of stock everywhere. My local Target again said they had it so I tried to order it through pickup and it got cancelled, twice. I found a replacement from kohls, and I was so happy… until they cancelled. I just happened to find the exact one that Kohl’s had, on Overstock.com. He was exactly what I needed to fill the space.

I also scored this cactus print from Target during my accidental trip. I think it’s perfect in the corner. Also the hooden hanger for my bags was a perfect yard sale find! Black curtains are from Walmart.

There are still a few things I would like to add, but I love the way it is coming together. Did you do any major home changes during quarantine?


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