Thanksgiving Road Trip to Tybee Island Part 1

Last week, we took a family road trip to my absolute favorite place in the world, Tybee Island, Georgia. I’ve been trying to get an opportunity to sit down and recap it, while dealing with holiday projects! It’s been a crazy few days! However, tonight my daughter mentioned that my biggest fan happens to go to school with her and has been asking when I’m going to make a post about our trip, so I figured I should not leave my adoring public hanging on any longer.

We started our trip by jumping into the car around 4 AM and heading out of town. We like leaving crazy early because we are delusional and we hold out hope that young kids will sleep for a majority of the drive. We were wrong, as always.

We decided to stop in Nashville for lunch and to stretch our legs. For the most part I can say that this was a horrible idea. First off, we only had road snacks on the way there and we were basically hangry when we got there. We parked at Cumberland Park and walked over John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge to downtown Nashville. The bridge was very cool and we got some incredible views of Nasvhille.

Nashville view from Pedestrian Bridge

This was about where the magic stopped. It was crowded and loud and honestly with three kids in tow and no food in my body I felt like I was losing my mind. I couldn’t take in much because I was trying to keep eyes on my kids (specifically my four year old) AND every place we tried to step in to, to grab some food, was closed. We ended up at Margaritaville, and the food was just not very good. Nashville has been on my travel list for a while, so it was a bit of a let down, but I think we may try it again when it is just the two of us. We did leave there and head down to the Music City Walk of Fame. It was fun finding some of our favorite singers starts, such as Reba, Miranda Lambert, and Johnny Cash.

From there, we jumped back in the car for a couple hours and then stopped in Chattanooga to sleep for the night. I will for sure go back there! I wish I had gotten photos, but it was dark. It was clear and clean and quiet and it’s been added to my travel list. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Lookout Mountain. The only downside was that their grab and go breakfast didn’t include any meat. We decided to pass on muffins and apple juice and we hit the McDonald’s drive thru instead.

Once back in the car we finished our trek to Tybee. Just before Savannah I started to notice palm trees, and then I loudly pointed them out every single time we passed them. My family is so lucky, obviously.

We stopped by Hotel Tybee to see if we could check in early and much to our surprise, our room was ready! After hauling all of our things up to our room, we immediately went to the beach. Hotel Tybee is in a great location for this slower time of year. The hotel is right on the beach and the only thing separating the building from ocean is a public parking lot. It’s right next to downtown, so you can easily park your car and stay parked for a majority of your stay. I think it would probably be a bit crowded during peak season, but I loved it during this slow time. Also, I’d like to say that I really liked Hotel Tybee! It was clean and while all of the hotels on the island are older (which is part of the charm), you can tell that the owners are putting a lot of effort into bringing it up to date. I would absolutely recommend for your Tybee Island stay!

After playing on the beach, for a bit, we ran downtown for grown up refreshments because that’s what adults do when they have been in the car for 16+ hours with a 4 year old that was asking us every five seconds why it is taking so long. After stopping at Wet Willies for daiquiri’s (Tybee Island is open container legal! You can carry your drink around all over town while walking. However, it has been voted that there are going to be changes to that rule after January 1, 2021.) By the way, I got the “Naked Willie” which is sugar free. I liked it, my husband did not. However, I don’t drink soda or extra sugary drinks and he is in a serious relationship with Mountain Dew and Monster, so take that for what its worth.

To soften the blow of drinking slushies in front of our kids, and not being able to share with them, I offered to get them some ice cream. I noticed a super cute frozen yogurt store when we had first walked down town, so I ushered the kids inside. Beau & Arrow’s Frozen Yogurt was amazing! They have a wall full of flavors to choose from, and you just tell them what flavor you would like, and then you can choose from a huge selection of toppings. I saw everything for toppings from sprinkles to gummy bears. Pre-covid you would be getting your own yogurt, but ya know, pandemic, so they were happy to fill it up for you. You pay by the weight and honestly, I thought that the price was very affordable especially for a vacation spot. We might or might not have snuck a bite of our toddlers birthday cake with gummy bears (market research obviously) and it was delicious. Also, the owner is such an incredibly sweet woman, who is also from the Midwest originally. I loved talking to her while we were there. And if you think I’m going to go back in there for my own frozen yogurt on my next trip, when I don’t have to share with kids, you are absolutely correct.

With our treats in hand, we headed back to the beach to build a sandcastle and my 13 year old daughter decided this was a good opportunity to go into the freezing ocean up to her waistline in a hoodie and blue jeans. I mean, YOLO.

After a while of staring at her and shaking our heads, questioning where we went wrong, we decided we’d better head back into the hotel room to have her change and hopefully avoid hypothermia.

After a change of clothes, we headed down to Sting Ray’s for dinner. I had the crab cakes, the older girls had crab legs, and the husband had a tuna steak. The toddler had a corn dog that she probably licked before proclaiming she was full. Everything was so incredibly good and worth the visit! I will visit this one again!

After dinner we trekked back to the hotel and passed out before 10:00 EST. because vacation can be exhausting, even when in your favorite place on the planet.

Stayed tuned for part 2!

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