Thanksgiving Road Trip to Tybee Island Part 2

This is a continuation of my post from Monday regarding our Thanksgiving road trip to Tybee! You can find that post here.

On Wednesday, our first full day on the island, we woke up early and got around for a fun day. We started with coffee from Tybean.

My caramel macchiato was delicious. The shops at Tybee Oaks don’t open until 10, so we headed to North Beach. North Beach is the quieter section of the island, and also it’s where the Light House is located!

I’ve already climbed the Tybee Island Lighthouse once, on our last trip, and I’m terrified of heights so I wasn’t about to volunteer to go up there with a four year old. My 18 year old wasn’t interested either so we went to the beach while my husband and our 13 year old climbed the lighthouse.

However, he did send me a picture of the amazing view. Also, he send me snapchats of myself on the beach. Creeper.

They also visited the Tybee Museum in Battery Garland. My husband said we should have visited it the first time we went because it was very cool. For more information on the lighthouse and the museum go here.

While at North Beach, we did what toddlers like to do. Stand in the water and run away from the tiny waves while screaming like our lives depended on it. I could walk in the water and look for shells all day long.

After the others joined us, I took some time to practice playing with my camera and took some pictures of my 13 year old. So glad that she has always been super willing to be my photo subject.

After our photo session we hopped back in the car and went to Tybee Oaks for some shopping. These are my favorite shops on the island. They are super cute and it’s a bunch of handmade things from local artists. I got a new sand dollar ornament for our tree and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

After shopping we went to the Crab Shack for lunch. Collectively we had 2 BBQ Pork Sandwiches, and 2 Deviled Crab Sandwiches. It was a nice stop for lunch, delicious food and they have gators that you can see and feed!

After that, we had some time to kill so we ran back to the hotel for potty breaks, and to hang out for a few minutes before heading out to our next adventure, a dolphin cruise!

We hopped on board with Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours. Chip was our captain, and Lisa was our first mate. The tour was so fun. We got to see Cockspur Island and the Cockspur Island Lighthouse. We were also able to see the border of South Carolina, which I found super fascinating. I never thought that the border would actually be lined with rock. I really thought it was just an imaginary line.

It did take a while to find some dolphins, and we were out a little later than they had planned but we did finally see dolphins. I loved them and so did my kids. I will forever remember our 4 year old giggling as she watched the dolphins play. I highly recommend Captain Mikes! Lisa was so funny, and they both made the experience very memorable.

After the cruise, we headed back to our hotel to rest for a bit before heading downtown for dinner. This time we chose The Rock House. My husband and I had shark tacos, our oldest had a burger and our middle child had crab legs because she is a little bougie. I’m pretty sure they also have the most delicious mojitos I’ve ever tasted. OR it was just that good because we had at that point been with all three of our kids for every single second for 3 days straight.

Who knows. Anyway, our food was so so good. We knew we’d be back again. In fact, we went back the following night!

After dinner we went to Wet Willies for a couple more drinks to take back to the room and we walked out to the pier. The moon looked amazing poking behind the clouds and reflecting on the water. There is nothing more peaceful than listening to the waves at night. It was worth the walk out there for sure.

We all ended up going to bed fairly early again, which is a major bonus of vacation. Sleep, glorious sleep. Stayed tuned for part three, the final installment of our family Tybee trip!

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