Thanksgiving Road Trip to Tybee Island Part 3

This is a continuation of two previous posts regarding our recent trip to Tybee Island, Georgia. The other two posts can be found here:

Part One

Part Two

The final full day of our trip was Thanksgiving! I had to say I was a little nervous that no where would be open and we could have to eat gas station food for Thanksgiving dinner, but luckily I was incorrect. I will say if I was doing this trip again, I would have preferred to stay in a VRBO just so we weren’t stressing and looking for a place to eat, but honestly then we may not have been able to try so much of the amazing food that Tybee has to offer.

On Thursday morning we woke up and got ready to head into Savannah for some sightseeing. Savannah is such a beautiful city and I was over the moon excited to be able to share it with our kids.

Our first stop was Monterey Square, because well, that’s where we could find parking near Forsyth Park. We walked the square while I gawked over the Spanish Moss trees (my favs) and then we made our way to Forsyth Park.

Fun fact! Parking is free in downtown Savannah on Holidays. At least it was for this holiday. We had no idea before we got there, so it was a nice surprise once we got downtown. Downtown was more crowded than I imagined it would be, but it was still enjoyable.

Forsyth Park was everything I imagined. There were spanish moss trees lining the sidewalks. People from all walks of line were out enjoying the fresh air. Some were walking, some were running, some were rollerskating… there was even a yoga class taking place in the grass off to the side of the fountain. Oh goodness, I may be from Southeast Kansas but all of this appealed to the not so hidden Hipster Section of my heart. I could have stayed all day and watched people but, ya know, toddlers.

After Forsyth, we hopped back in the car and drove to the historic downtown area. We parked and walked straight to the Riverwalk. My poor family allowed me to take a couple (hundred) family pictures. I loved showing them the river, the cobblestone, and the terrifying stone steps.

My family wasn’t excited about my tripod but it made sure I got some great photos of all of us!

By the time we finished our walk we were starving, so we thought we would head back towards Tybee. We checked the areas between Savannah and Tybee, but none of them were open. So, we drove by to Tybee on a hope and prayer. Thankfully, Pier 16 was open and it was one we wanted to try out anyway. I got the most delicious chicken salad. Maybe it was because I had been eating nothing but carbs for days (not the usual for me) or maybe it was a magic salad, but it was so so good. Everyone else got burgers and they were all delicious. We got very lucky with this place!

After lunch we went to the hotel and suited up for the beach. It was maybe 82 degrees and gorgeous. I couldn’t believe how busy the beach was! It was nothing like the live beach cam from Hotel Tybee that I’ve watched over the summer but I was surprised to see so many people in the water, in November! There was still plenty of room to social distance, but still I was just surprised! I like going to Tybee in the off season and outside of New Years Eve this is the busiest I’ve seen.

We had so much fun playing in the waves, building sandcastles and soaking up the sunshine. We stayed out and played for a couple of hours, enjoying every single second.

When the kids were finally worn out we went back to the room, to rest and get ready for dinner. I had noticed that The Rock House was open and I already knew that I was getting a Gator Po Boy because I was torn between it and Shark Tacos the previous night. I also had a mojito because well, they know how to make a good mojito.

We got up earlier the next day and headed back home. For a very last minute trip, I loved every minute of it. I love Tybee in the off season. Can’t speak for the busy season, but maybe one day I’ll visit the beach during the summer. We will actually be headed back there at the end of December for our 10th anniversary trip. I can’t wait to get back, eat even more amazing food and enjoy a few quiet days with my hubby.

Have you ever been to Tybee Island?

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