Home Makeover, Quarantine Editon

Hey all! I’ve mentioned before that I redid our entire house while we were at home in 2020 during the pandemic. I’m sure it was mostly an anxiety thing, controlling what I could while everything else felt out of control. (Thanks Olaf). But, none the less, I am obsessed with how everything turned out. We still have a handful of things to finish up around here. Some small (outlets, light fixtures), some large (adding a second bathroom, remodeling the first bathroom…) but we have turned our focus to paying off debt so those things have been moved to the back burner for the time being.

However, I thought now would be a great time to show what we’ve changed! Basically I woke up one day and glanced around our completely white farmhouse and I was OVER IT. I was trying to keep the house very neutral in case we ever decided we wanted to sell, but I hated the idea of living in this blank white canvas. Especially after being in this house for five years with no plans of leaving any time soon.

So, one day I just started changing things up and it just escalated from there. I ended up repainting our entire house in about a month. Talk about tennis elbow. Do not ever do that. Would not recommend to a friend!

Anyway, here are the before and after pics, with details!


This before photo was before we put down flooring but you get the drift. Nothing fancy, but man that dark green paint makes the bench pop. The paint color is Ripe Olive by SW. I picked up the rope cross from a craft show a million years ago and I made that sign. My husband built the bench. This actually used to be a closet, but I love how much more functional it is as an entryway all together.

Next, we move on to the living room. The one thing we didn’t change was the fireplace. We had redone it with barnwood from one of the oldest barns in town after it was torn down. I also whitewashed the brick and we cleaned up the tile floor, and Justin built a gorgeous mantle. Painting the walls from white to green around it made it pop even more. Here’s the progression.


And then there’s the rest of the living room. When it was all white (Dover White by SW by the way) it felt massively huge. Which can be great, but it’s already huge, and long and weird. Painting a dark color helped to make it feel so much warmer. This was again Ripe Olive by SW. The rug is from overstock.com and the curtains are from Walmart (can’t find the link, sorry!). I took down all of the farmhouse signs and hung up my husbands guitar and some other odds and ends.

Also, please enjoy the tumbleweed that I rescued from Northwestern Kansas. I literally chased it down the street while my husband and daughter judged me. Also, I covered myself in thorns because who would have known tumbleweeds are covered in thorns. Justin inserted a bunch of twinkle lights inside of the tumbleweed. It’s pretty magical when the batteries are not dead.

Now, moving on to the dining room. I had ran into this room being a little too boho and hung up a basket wall. After a few months I took it down, because I think my style is more Western Boho than Boho, boho.

Here’s another progression. The dining room used to be divided! We had a divider up and a breakfast nook because who doesn’t need a table next to their table? I never felt more free after we ripped down that half wall. The wall color is Peppercorn by SW. Curtains were from Walmart. And my shelves were thrifted!

Now moving on to the kitchen! We went from wood cabinets, blue cabinets, white cabinets to black cabinets. I finally feel like it’s hit the sweet spot in our kitchen. Be prepared for another progression.

Kitchen now

I love the subway tile Justin put down, and the new countertop. He cussed the whole time, but he did such a good job.

I’ll just share a bit of the bedroom because it’s had it’s own post already but I love it so much and it should be included for sure. This was the biggest change from farmhouse to Western for sure. Get the cow here.

I’m looking forward to finishing up the house and getting the last bits of rooms done. I’m having so much fun adding more pieces here. Do you think I’ve hit the western boho vibe?


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