Amazon Finds for your next Float Trip

Last weekend, I got together with 8 of my girlfriends, and we hit the road to Pineville, Missouri. We camped in an RV spot at Kozy Kamp and did an 8 mile long float trip down the Elk River. A few of the girls on board had floated before, but for a few of us, including me, this was new territory. I have to say, I wasn’t sure what to expect (or really what to bring) but I had such a blast and can not wait for our next trip!

In the meantime, I want to show you some great Amazon Float Trip Finds to make your next (or first) float trip a sucess!

Ponytail Cap

You are going to want a hat. We were on the river for about 7.5 hours and my body was BURNT. I can only imagine how bad my head would have been without protection. I love these ponytail caps to cover your head, face and you can still wear your hair up and out your way. With a bunch of fun designs, you can get use out of these again and again.

Water Shoes

Water Shoes are seriously not negotiable. You are going to want some protection for your feet while you are walking on the river walks. My current pair is practically falling apart and I have serious heart eyes for these. They have great reviews!

Floating Cooler Caddy

This Floating cooler caddy is so cool. We tied one like this to our raft and it saved us so much room without sacrificing how much food and drinks we could bring! We heard lots of comments from other floaters about how cool this thing was. Here is one with great reviews and a great price too!

Waterproof Bag

A cute waterproof bag is super helpful. My phone overheated so I stuck it in one of the girls’ bags. This bag is so cute, I’m looking for an excuse to buy it for myself. Also, it comes with a waterproof phone pouch for extra protection!

Phone Pouch

Waterproof phone pouch- Let me tell you a cute little story. At the end of our trip, I said… oh where’s my phone? I had taken it off from around my next the last time we got out and never put it back on. It was laying in the middle of the raft in two inches of water. I found it, almost cried and pulled it out of the pouch to find it dry as a bone. So thankful for this pouch! This definitely did its job!

SPF jacket

SPF jacket! One of the girls in our group brought an SPF Shirt and honestly that was genius. I would I got really burnt and by about hour five I would have loved something like this to lay over my legs.

Propel Packets

Propel water packets– 8 hours on the river is plenty of time to get dehydrated. While drinking water is always my favorite go to, these packets make it easy to replace your electrolytes in a hurry!

Koozie Lanyard

Koozie lanyard. This is another thing one of the girls in our group had and I was so jealous! You need somewhere to keep your drink when you are rowing!


These are my favorite sunglasses! I ordered them from Amazon a year ago and although I’ve had many pairs since then, I keep going back to these. At this price, grab a couple. You will want a back up in case you lose them in the water!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. I would have never thought to bring one of these, but luckily one of the girls did. Music just sets a whole vibe on your trip. Did we listen to Wilson Phillips and show our age? You bet. But we also listened to 90’s rap and showed our age some more. Without speakers like this we would have missed out on singing YMCA with the rest of the river while someone was playing it from their float.

Have you ever been on a float trip? What are some of your must have suggestions?

*As an Amazon Affiliate I may receive a small commission on items purchased using my links. This is at no additional cost to you! Thank you for your support!


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