Twin Fountains RV Resort

A couple weeks ago we took our motorhome on its first trip away from home… well since we’ve owned it. We’ve taken it about 45 minutes from home to camp at the lake, but otherwise that’s been it so this was our first test to see how it would do on the road.

We have some friends that are traveling full time, and when they stopped in Oklahoma City in November, they had nothing but great things to say about Twin Fountains. They loved it enough that we just had to check it out for ourselves.

Pulling into the front gate, it’s hard to believe that you are right in the middle of a major city. We parked in front of an adorable little catch and release fishpond, which just sets the tone for a relaxing camping experience. A sweet lady on an ATV led us to our site, so no trying to hunt for our spot. This was great because the resort is kind of big! There are a lot of RV spots and they offer everything from daily, weekly and monthly rates. Also, if you are active military, your first night is free!

They have a lot of RV sites in this resort. A lot of people live there long term, and then there are plenty of us that were just hanging out for a day or two.

Our site was great. It was a pull through site, so no need to back the camper in. The pad was concrete, so no dragging dirt in and out. However we did have a bit of an incline and not enough blocks to get perfectly level. (Still a win in my book, we deal with this at the lake all the time, so not a deal breaker.)

We had a metal picnic table, which is a great change from the concrete ones we are used to. There was not a grill table, so we were unsure about using our Blackstone on the picnic table. We did and it was fine, but we also didn’t eat at the picnic table because it was 548087584938948458 million degrees outside. Something to keep in mind if you have an adventure ready Blackstone like we do.

However, the resort does have a restaurant, Semper Fi Bar & Grill, if you want to skip cooking all together. We ate there the first night, but they aren’t open on Monday which was our second night. It’s nothing fancy… burgers, corn dogs, grilled cheese, fries, etc. but it was good, and we didn’t have to cook it. There’s no menu online so here it is!

Also, the restaurant is connected to a bar. I had a Malibu and Sprite and Justin had an Old Fashioned. Those were much appreciated after a long day on the road.

Also on site there is a convenience store, a pool with a little splash pad (we swam a lot and really enjoyed it), mini golf (it wasn’t open in the evening so we didn’t go. Too hot during the day.), a little playground, a catch and release pond and a club house.

One of the reasons we chose to go to Twin Fountains is because they offer a shuttle service to places within 3 miles of the park. And since they are located in the Adventure District of OKC, there are plenty of options near the resort for family fun!

We bought tickets to the OKC Zoo and loved that we would have a way there. The motorhome kind of limits how much we can do while camping, since we don’t have a vehicle to pull behind us. However, when we arrived all the shuttles were down and they were waiting on parts. My husband is a mechanic so he understands all of this too well. Kind of a bummer but we ended up taking an Uber to and from the Zoo and that worked just fine.

We had a great time at the Zoo! I would probably not go in July during the heat wave, but since we made reservations in February, that’s just a chance we took. I’d love to go back in the fall! They are making some more additions to the Zoo, so it’ll be worth checking out again. Again, with it being in the Adventure District, there will always be plenty to do. I’ve heard the Cowboy Museum is amazing, as well as the Science Museum.

After our Uber ride back home, we took naps in the camper and then went to the pool! I loved that the pool and splash pad were right there on the property. I also liked that kids weren’t allowed there without their parents so that kept it a little calmer in my opinion.

Photo credit: Twin Fountains RV Resort

All in all, we loved our trip to Twin Fountains. I would definitely recommend this as a quick camping stop on the way through Oklahoma City, or a weekend adventure away from home.

Have you ever visited the Adventure District of OKC? What was your favorite activity?


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