2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Blue Collar Men

Happy Holidays! For the next week or so, we will be talking about the thing that is on most of our minds, gift giving! Today, we will start with the hard to shop for men in your life.

This weekend while wandering around Target, I spied a display with men’s gift ideas. Per usual, it was full of beard oils, whiskey stones, socks and underwear. I asked my husband; is this stuff you actually want? Is this the stuff guys want us to buy?

He tried to be nice, but he basically said “No thank you.”

The next day, I found the Men’s Gift Guide on Amazon. Upon our review, I was shocked to find out that he actually was not interested in Tommy Bahama cologne, or a wood beard shaving brush. Nor as he interested in dress socks or a roll up putting green. This inspired me to challenge him to help me create a gift guide for Blue Collar Dads. So, thanks to my husband and some guys he works with, here are their Holiday Gift Suggestions.

1. a tactile belt with a ratcheting buckle was the very first thing he suggested to me. I never would have looked for one of these, but they are great because they are one size fits all!

2. Marino wool socks. My hubby is big fan of these Darn Tough Socks and they are about all he has worn with his work boots for years.

3. Hot Hands Any guy that works out in the elements can attest to how great Hot Hands are. My guy says these would be great to throw some in his work truck, personal truck, tool box and hunting gear. I did ask him about the new handwarmers that can be charged via USB. He told me that while in theory, it could be a good idea… but most likely they would run out of battery, leave someone in a lurch and never get charged again.

4. A Gerber knife. From what I’m told, these are great knifes, but they are also cheap enough that if you break it or lose it, you won’t beat yourself up over it.

5. Nebo Flashlight– Don’t let it’s small size fool you! This flashlight is powerful and super handy, allowing you to clip it to your shirt or hat.

6. Grilling gloves– great for pulling hot things off the grill!

7. My husband is the household handyman, and these tools would make that job so much easier! These help you fix everything from cellphones to laptops.

8. Thermal underwear is also super handy when working outside or while hunting!

9. This Gerber multi-tool is great for any dad on the go!

10. This double sided screwdriver is great to have on hand and good quality.

11. These mini screwdrivers clip into your pocket and allow you to tackle any small job!

12. Last but not least.. what dude wouldn’t want a tactile daypack? This thing is full of pockets, comfy shoulder straps, has room to carry all the things and it’s waterproof… plus it just looks cool.

Is this stuff your guy would like? Dudes, what would you add?

*Affiliate links. I may receive a small commission from items purchased using these links, at no additional cost to you!


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